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Welcome to Buildionaire

Buildionaire is a UK based construction company having 20 years of experience in providing a complete range of house and office renovation and construction services. At Buildionaire, we posses a great wealth of expertise and extensive experience in managing any kind of property renovation or house extension with an adamant focus on delivering services of high quality and safety which are the core objectives of our company.
Our motto is to provide construction and maintenance services with a different and innovative perspective. That’s why we strive to establish a meticulous understanding of our clients’ needs and ensure to deliver value and excellence in every element of our service. We offer world-class domestic and commercial refurbishment along with house extensions, summer houses, loft conversions, kitchen renovations, bathroom refurbishment, exterior works, plumbing, electrical works, decorating and much more.
When it comes to building or constructing interior projects, we at Buildionaire make sure to bring the highest level of commitment and expertise. Our aim is to assist clients to understand their vision for their buildings and provide outstanding service that challenges the limits of what should be expected from the industry. We possess the necessary expertise required for planning, designing and constructing your interior projects under all kinds of contract.
Over the years, we have formulated our business ethos based on five core values. These five values are the main reason why our customers keep coming back to us for their building requirements and renovation.
Our Values
Teamwork: Our integrated team of professionals have an impeccable reputation for teamwork. This is what allows us to execute and implement our construction plans promptly as our team understands the value of working together and effective communication to meet and exceed customer satisfaction.
Sincerity: We have excelled in developing and maintaining integrity. We want our clients to be completely assured when giving us the responsibility of their homes or offices.
Mutual respect and value: Mutual respect for all our stakeholders is a key component of our philosophy. The reason behind providing excellent services for over 20 years is an uncompromising approach towards respecting the views of our suppliers, customers, partners and the whole community.
Commitment: Our team of highly skilled professionals work effortlessly every day to provide high quality services that exceeds your expectations.
Innovation: Striving continuously towards bringing in new and creative ideas into the organisation that impact the lives of people positively.